I first started judging for ADBA back in the middle 1990's for a club called
Mid-Ohio run by Bonnie Yoho.
I help get the club sanction as a registered club with ADBA
by judging two fun shows.
I judge two or three sanctioned shows for the Mid-Ohio club.

I was one of the few judges who was on call to fill in as a favor for ADBA when a
judge had to cancel at the last minute. I judge a few shows for ADBA this way.

I judged the MA. show run by Kate O'Connally.
I also judged the IL. show run by Larry & Barb.
This was the same weekend my friend Richard Stratton judged.
I've also judged the TN. show run by my friend Sue Kathy.
This was the same weekend Joanie Sorrells judged.
I have also judged the Michiana Fun Shows.
I judge ADBA Detroit Fun Show June of 2012.

I first started out judging for AADR
by judging the Detroit club's fun show run by Vickie Hall.
I judged a sanction show for Detroit club run by Robert Hurst.
I've judged the Bearcat State fun shows.

**January of 2009 I judged the VSBA show.**
**September of 2009 I judged the Nationals for WPBTCA.**
I am now retired from judging for any of these organizations.

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